Costume Jewelry is not made to last forever. However, there are ways to prevent your jewelry from breaking and/or tarnashing. 

When traveling with your accessories, try to pack them in your carry-on. Accessories may cause your luggage to weigh more. Your checked luggage is sometimes thrown around and this may cause your accessories to break. 

You can also secure your accessories in bubble wrap. This will prevent them from breaking during travel.

Avoid exposing your jewelry to water, sprays, liquids and/or lotions. This will prevent tarnishing.  Spray ClearAcrylic Gloss Spray on all metal to prevent tarnishing. 

You may also wish to store accessories in ZipLock bags. 

In the event of an accident and your accessories break, you may use small tweezers to adjust links and/or fasteners. Use Gorrilla Glue to adjust loose stones. 

Hope these tips were helpful 


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